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Protective Gear

We are working closely with those on the front lines to ensure they have protective equipment. 

Food & Clothing

We are working to provide food & clothing to those who need it.

Medical Equipment

We are working to provide medical equipment into areas most affected by the recent attacks.

Donate Now

Your Israel brothers and sisters are at war as you’re reading this. They need your help! Donate now to Help Save Lives!

Please Read Before Donating*

We’ve implemented the Zeffy payment system, which includes an automatic processing fee. To direct 100% of your donation to Israel, make sure you select Other under “Confirm Your Donation” and enter 0 for the price amount. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Notice *

When checking out you have the option to opt-out of paying for processing fees so that 100% of your donation is received by soldiers and families living in terror in Israel.

Who We Are

We are more than just a nonprofit organization – our commitment to supporting Israel in times of crisis is deeply personal. With close friends and family living in Israel, we have an intimate connection to the situation on the ground. Their firsthand accounts of the challenges they face fuel our determination to make a difference.

Our US Team

Yehuda Sofair

Management & Distribution

Refael Sofair (Former IDF)

Procurement & Logistics

Rabbi Mendy Dubrowski

Chabad Rabbi of Tampa, FL

Rick Friedman


Jacob Kaplan (Former IDF)

Procurement & Funding

Zach Kaplan (Former IDF)

Procurement & Funding

Marvin Feigenbaum


Leon Nitka

State Government Liaison (NY,FL)

Josh Kaplan

State Government Liaison & Logistics

Rabbi Dovid Asher

Keneseth Beth Israel


Our Israel Team

Ezra Kaplan (Former IDF)


Marc Feder

Tech & Web

Avrami Segal

Liaison to Israeli Officials & American Officials

AJ Levy

Procurement & Logistics

Dave Silverman 

High Tech Procurement & Deployment 


In Israel? Sign Up to Receive Life-Saving Equipment!

If you or a family member is in need of protective equipment, medical supplies, food, clothing, or anything else, please click the button below.

Contact Us

(760) 515-9441

We will try and get back to all inquires within 24-48 hours

How Donations Are Used

We are looking to bring your funds to those most in need. We maintain real- time communication with individuals on the front lines who provide precise requests. We are working with the ministry of defense to ensure that purchases are approved so that each dollar is best spent.


Life-Saving Equipment Being Sent Right Now!

  • Ballistic Helmets & Vests
  • Food for Soldiers & Civillians
  • Emergency Medical Supplies
  • Thermal Clothing
  • Hygiene Products

Questions & Answers

Why donate to Israel?

Israel holds a unique place in the world, and its people have faced numerous challenges. Supporting Israel is not just about helping a nation; it’s about standing with a resilient community that seeks peace and security.

How do I know where my donations are going?

All donations are directed to life saving equipment that is most needed by Israel

What type of equipment are we working to procure?

1. Armored vests
2. Ballistic helmets
3. Food for civilians and soldiers
4. Knee pads
5. Thermal shirts and leggings
6. Hygiene kits
7. Emergency kits (hygiene products, food, protective equipment, and more)

How can I stay up to date?

We will be sharing updates as donations make their way into the hands of Israelis affected by this terrible war.

What sort of transparency do you provide?

We prioritize transparency in our operations. Rest assured that all donations are directed toward helping the people of Israel, with detailed records of expenditures and purchases.

Can I volunteer my time?

Yes you can! Whether you’re in Israel or somewhere abroad we can use help. Please subscribe to Live Updates to see what volunteer opportunities are currently available.

What are your affiliations?

We are a newly incorporated nonprofit organization, and we’re diligently working towards obtaining tax-exempt status. Achieving tax-exempt status is a process that requires time, but rest assured, we have partnered with the Chabad organization in Tampa, FL, to facilitate fund management and provide our donors with the opportunity to receive tax deductions. We understand that every contribution matters, and we are committed to ensuring that your support is not only meaningful but also financially advantageous for you.

Reservists Called to War

Jewish Lives at Risk


Of donations go to Israel's Defenses

Innocent Civilians Massacred

Hostages Taken into Captivity

Missiles Directed at Israel

Donate Today and Save Lives!

Save Jewish & Israeli Lives By Donating Today!

We established this nonprofit in response to the tragic terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7th. With firsthand reports from our family, friends, and active-duty personnel on the ground highlighting equipment shortages, we couldn’t remain passive. Our mission is clear: to provide essential aid and support to prevent further suffering. Your donations will have a significant impact, making a real difference in the lives of those affected.